In Victoria all new commercial buildings are required to meet  a minimum energy efficiency requirement as prescribed in the Performance Provisions of the National Construction Code, (NCC Volume 1).

We provide reports based on the Deemed-to-Satisfy provisions, (a prescriptive approach nominated in the NCC).

Some or all of the following NCC sections are addressed within the report as deemed appropriate for the scope of works:

• Part J-1 Building Fabric
• Part J-2 External Glazing
• Part J-3 Building Sealing
• Part J-4 Air Movement
• Part J-5 Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation
• Part J-6 Lighting and Power
• Part J-7 Hot Water Supply
• Part J-8 Facilities for Energy Monitoring

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Required Documents:

• Site plan
• Floor plans (with areas nominated)
• Elevations
• Sections
• Window sizes or Window Schedule – Height & Width (including existing windows)
• Proposed heating/cooling/ventilation type
• Building classification, (as nominated by Building Surveyor)
Note: PDF documents are preferred.

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