Did you know that Services are part of energy efficiency compliance? Most people don’t.

As part of Building Permit documentation, services must be assessed under current energy efficiency requirements. These requirements reside under Part 3.12 of the National Construction code.

Building services include:

  • Insulation of central-heating pipework.
  • Insulation of heating/cooling ductwork.
  • Electric resistance space heating.
  • Artificial lighting.
  • Swimming pool & spa heating and pumping.

Although the energy efficiency requirements for services must be addressed as part of the Building Permit application, there is no requirement for them to be assessed as part of an energy rating report.

That last sentence may have grabbed your attention. Most energy raters will supply a report based on the thermal fabric of the building. This is fine as it is all they are required to do, but it leaves the documentation of services up to someone else.

As part of our energy reports we always include services to ensure full compliance with all aspects of the ConstructionCode’s energy efficiency requirements. That’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Email the following documents to us for a quote.

Required Documents:

• Site plan
• Floor plans (with areas nominated)
• Elevations
• Sections
• Window sizes or Window Schedule
• Proposed heating/cooling type
Note: PDF documents are preferred.

Email to: greg@obdesign.com.au

View our energy report step-by-step procedure here.